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Software Engineer, Personal Trainer, and Social Media Manager in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Business operations specialist is an administrative director with more than two decades of experience in managing medical facilities and organizations. Skilled in directing business development, Gardiner oversees a variety of administrative aspects, including finance and accounting, personnel infrastructure, and regulatory compliance matters.

Presently, serves Physician Partners as Financial Director, presiding over several primary care medical facilities. As director of finances, responsibilities include accounting, billing, fiscal circulation, financial analysis reporting, budget preparation, and providing business growth analysis.

Prior to joining Physician Partners, spent a number of years providing administrative directorship to several other medical establishments. Beginning in 1991, served as Director of Operations for Artificial Kidney Systems Incorporated, where he first gained experience in managing the internal operations of medical facilities. Gardiner was responsible for presiding over daily administrative performance and facilitating relationships and arrangements with regulatory agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Health Care Financing Administration.

In 1993, joined Springfield Medical Center, serving as Administrator and directing all accounting and administrative functions of the primary care medical facility, which included several providers. During his tenure as Administrator, he introduced a cost control program which decreased spending by 20 percent within a course of two years. remained with Springfield Medical Center for more than seven years before leaving to commence his current position with Phys