Robert Lang

CEO in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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I'm was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in December of 1961. Most of my life spent here, and nineteen years of my life spent in British Columbia.

I founded Chase Global Media Inc. in September 2006 to continue inventing new Internet Technologies. I'm a Software and Web Developer with 25 years experience. I've been actively seeked out by other IT companies and industries to assist them in the technical challenges they face.

I've been involved in search engine optimization from the very beginning back in 1996. And have gone onto producing software training centers for software companies who sell the software used for this industry.

I found myself invited by Citrix to join their beta team. The makers of GoToWebinar ad GoToAssist and GoToMeeting.

My expertise in data compression and live video streaming back in the days of 2007. We made it possible to stream live 720p video over their GoToWebinar Platform when others were barely able to do power point presentations at the time.

Seven years ago I was asked to solve another problem. This one for the income housing rental markets and travel accommodations. They wanted a better online advertising platform which would help them close their leases faster and make them more money with less hassle.

In June of 2019, we will release this new platform and it will be distributed to one hundred and twenty separate server racks. Just to give you an idea of the scope of this project.

I've always been attracted to complex processes and my goal is always to refine them so more people can learn them faster. I specialize in long-term projects with usually several hundreds of professionals and large customer bases in the tens of thousands .

Along my travels I have also helped create one of the most secured servers on the planet. I've created "Hackerless" systems since 1997. And I look forward to releasing our company's new technologies we've built simultaneously in the past six years.

I'm also working to turn into an all service Television and Internet Technology Company. Services start rolling out in late June of 2017.

My lifelong passion besides family, is biking on the trails of Alberta and British Columbia. The longer the better. Just like a good life:)

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