L.A. On-Camera

Actor, Teacher, and Writer in Burbank, California

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The internet and globalization have changed our industry, and due to the those changes, more roles are cast solely off their on-camera performance than ever before.

L.A. On-Camera Training Center was founded by Jamison Haase in 2008 with the intention of giving actors REAL audition-based on-camera techniques and training.

Using techniques developed by working actors Jamison Haase and Jackie Geary through years of being in the business, L.A. On-Camera will take the fear and mystery out of performing in front of the camera, and will give you back your power and creativity.

EVERY STUDENT IS GUARANTEED TO WORK AT LEAST TWICE IN EVERY CLASS, because you don't learn by watching or listening-you learn by doing.

You will immediately see results in the audition room and on the set. Let LA On Camera guide you to what you have always wanted: a career that is creative, empowered, and most importantly, working.