Larissa Gies

HeartMath Therapist, Bussiness Coach, and EQ Coach in Aarlanderveen, Nederland

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Larissa grew up with horses. Learning to listen to horses and their own way of understanding and communicating intrigued her from an very early age.
Because of the horse work she did during her five-year stay in Australia (1993-1998), Larissa learned more about the deeper values of successful communication within horse herds. Soon it became clear to Larissa that horses show efficient and predictable behaviour to set boundaries and express fear and frustration, but also to express relaxation and affection. In her studies she discovered that the success of horses (and many more animals) is not about the strongest surviving....

For hours she observed the wild horses in their behaviour. At this stage in her life, Larissa knew she could make an important contribution to changing the lives of both, horses and people. From this moment on, she used this knowledge to help the cowboys of the Australian Outback to treat their horses in a more efficient and friendly manner. The synergy between horse and human eventually influenced how successful the work would be completed, whether everyone would return home unharmed, but most importantly, whether everyone (horse and human!) felt safe and happy with his work.
While observing more and more wild horses in the Outback of Australia, Larissa gained the first important insights which she then turned into various training programs. At a later stage, (1999) she called this 'encounter' the code for synergy of leadership, teamwork and communication; these parts are still the basis of all her workshops and trainings. After living and working in Australia for five years, she accomplished to integrate this successful work method with horses into development programs for individuals and teams.
Since 2001, her company EQ Company is active in the business market, where she and her colleagues introduce organizations to horses, their behaviour and what people can learn from them. Meanwhile, there is a varied program ready for anyone who wants become more efficient in his or her development and personal talent and finding, discover and deepen his or her management style.

In the last 7 years The EQ Company has established also the HRM Academy and HRM Group. In these company’s we educate trainers, facilitators and coaches how to work with horses in team and personal development programs.

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