larry goodell

Writer in Placitas, New Mexico

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Poetry for me is making things, at least making things happen, so that a 3 dimensional poetry is possible and the ancient voices of ceremony are given voice . . . and in a time of cold-shouldering big publishers I advocate the Poet as Publisher. . .

I was born in Roswell, NM in 1935 & I've been here in Placitas since '63, I learned from USC in L.A., studied with Robert Creeley in NM, went to the Vancouver Poetry Conference of '63 to study with Olson, Ginsberg, Duncan, Whalen, went to the Berkeley Poetry Conference in '65, and married photographer/artist Lenore Goodell in '68.

I founded Duende Press in '64 followed by Fervent Valley. I fabricated then staged my first event poems at the Thunderbird Bar in Placitas and at UNM. In 1972 toured the country doing poetry performances with Stephen Rodefer. I organized readings for Downtown Saturday Night, the Rio Grande Writers Association, the Central Torta Series, Albuquerque United Artists, and for many years the Living Batch Bookstore. More recently Silva's Saloon and the Duende Poetry Series for its 12 year run in Placitas at Anasazi Fields Winery. An aim is to find places and audiences for my work and other poets' work in blogs, music, document sites, radio, online discoveries and, of course, publish on demand.

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