Larry Pardue

Team Support Leader, Homepreneur in the United States

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I'm just regular person ( like a lot of people) looking for a way to survive in this economy and wanting to secure the future for my wife Leah and myself.

I live in Roanoke,Va. surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. I am also a firm believer in creating different sources of income for ourselves.

With the high cost of Gas and Groceries and just about everything else, I know that the only true way to safeguard our future is to do it ourselves and that is exactly what I'm going to do.

I suppose everyone knows that Direct sales, MLM, Network Marketing whatever you want to call it is a simple concept but with the high cost for products and the high qualifications to move up the ladder of success is hard to achieve for the average person like myself.

I went searching for ways to generate additional income and looked at a lot of companies

I finally found a company with no Hype, no B.S. and a very simple and doable pay plans.

This is perfect business for this economy or anytime someone would like to make some money for themselves or save themselves some money.

I believe that saving money is like putting additional dollars in your pockets to be put anywhere else.

Anyone can do this and make money and yes you can too!

Do you buy gasoline? Do you shop online or in person? Are you ok with paying full price or would you like to pay less?

You need to take a serious look and then make a well informed decision.

Almost everyone can afford $21.95 per month and with this program you can earn money without enrolling anyone with our Loyalty Bonus Matrix.

You can earn $10.00 a month from everyone you show this business to and they sign up (3 and yours's free) and more from the people they sign up with more ways to earn too!!

I also like to Keep It Super Simple (KISS) can you share a brief 4 minute pre-recorded message with people and when the ask for more info just send then to your website. Here is the Phone#


This is a global opportunity but if you're in the U.S.A. you can save yourselves money on your taxes too!!

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Excited to have you part of my team!

Larry Pardue

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* As with starting any business....There is NOT a guarantee of income*