Larry Todd Wilson

Director, Designer, and Inventor in Chattanooga, Tennessee

I design systems which nurture unprecedented understanding, accelerated learning, intelligent decisions and actions, and supersized thinking.

Conceptualize: I'm the Founder of LearnerFirst (1992), first-to-market with commercial products which packaged experts’ intuitive knowledge as learning-while-doing software applications; (1999), the world’s most-advanced, commercial methodology for making implicit knowledge explicit; (2003), the first method embedded in social media used to launch hundreds of online communities; (2009), the award-winning tool that obsoletes job descriptions; (2010) which demonstrates a solution for commercializing systemic knowledge; (2012), a comprehensive demonstration about how to make spiritual knowledge explicit; (2016), a SaaS platform for discovering, applying and extending big-picture insights.

Collaborate: Hundreds of top performers and subject matter experts (SMEs) have entrusted me to help them articulate, systematize, and deliver extraordinary value for their hard-earned insights. Produced award-winning, commercial learning systems, patentable subject matter, trade secrets, management systems for departments and enterprises, and commercial products.

Communicate: Authored dozens of articles, book chapters, conference presentations, and workshops; have been employed as a knowledge management thought leader for several organizations.

Raise Consciousness: Delivered inventions which help expand working memory and tangibly reduce time-to-competency and the need for years of trial-and-error experience.

  • Work
    • Knowledge Harvesting, Inc.