Katherine Larsen

Katherine Larsen

I could babble on about my extensive Marketing experience...but about.me only allows so many characters…

Here’s why you need me...

Upon falling asleep or waking up my brain is exploding with ideas for new campaigns, strategies, and design elements.

I want to be your creative deviant. I long to write witty copy that when combined with my calculating thought process provides the full circle marketing and design that your company needs to make a splash. I’m a detail oriented, strategic thinker with a clever creative side that yearns to break out on a daily basis.

My out of the box thinking and knack for digging deep into the recesses of any given industry let me devise and execute a savvy marketing plan for you. From brand perception to social media, design to copywriting... you can't go wrong with me. I'm willing to take risks to ensure your ROI is present and flourishing.

After 9 years in various positions I’ve worn all hats, from getting your company’s name on a blimp to creating a simple marketing plan, I can make anything happen.

Plus, who actually has a degree in the field they work in these days? Oh! Me. I have a BS in Marketing Communications.

If you have a smile on your face right now & are curious for more, you’re probably my next employer. Hire me, I’m worth it.

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