Latif Anshori Kurniawan

Ordinary Indonesian and Educator in Semarang City, Indonesia

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He lovely reads authentic histories & data, plays BSD-Linux (part of FOSS dev), and tech startups’ societal impact. Writes in Indonesian🇮🇩 at independently, pleasurably edits Wikipedia.

Drives @anshori at Twitter only, @latifanshori for mostly U.S.🇺🇸 Socials. Favs: Twitter, Reddit, and Clubhouse, and Flickr. Long-reads through Medium, WordPress-Tumblr, Substack, Y Combinator’s HN, AngelList & Crunchbase, and (not-so-geeky on) GitHub. Passively browse on YouTube & Instagram, but listens more about life on SoundCloud🇩🇪 (part of fav podcasts list at’s Siniar). Trip notes mostly on Swarm app (by Foursquare).

📍Indonesia & Worldwide