Mikko Lauhakari

Consultant, Web Developer, and Small Business Owner in Lund, Sweden

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Hey! I'm a web technologist living in the wonderfull southern part of Sweden called Skane, Lund to be exact.
While I wait for the day I become an wrinkly, old wise man, I try and enjoy what ever crosses my path.

Besides designing, coding and developing websites, I [probably] spend way too much time reading blogs and discovering cool new interesting stuff!

A huge music & movie lover and I have to say, spending a day playing video games is not that bad either =P

Everyother weekend or so between March and late November is spent watching, obsessing and writing about F1. I run my own "news site" about this great motorsport as one of my petprojects, check it out @ https://formelracing.se [*swedish].

Now I'm gonna get my second cup of morning jawa - see you on the waves!

  • Work
    • Little by Little
  • Education
    • Linnaeus University (Kalmar)