Laura O'Brien

Ten facts you should know about me:

1. I'm a PR graduate from the University of Gloucestershire with a first class honours degree.

2. I'm an intern at @wearesocial

3. My dissertation focus was the change in monitoring, measurement and evaluation of PR since the introduction social media.

4. I have a years' experience with a fantastic PR agency in London, I've also worked for an agency whilst at university and have some experience working in-house.

5. I'm an OCD level of organised.

6. I'm all over social media, check me out... @Laura_OB, LinkedIn, Blogging

7. I went travelling last year for the first time: New Zealand, Los Angeles and New York. I now want to do more, I'm just not sure where yet!

8. My lunches are fascinating. There will come a time that every morning the first thing you'll want to know is what is in Laura's lunch box.

9. I have the most amazing NYE holiday planned but it's all a secret!

10. Favourite things in life: good food, fine wine, laughing, penguins, shoes, iPhone and lip balm.