Laura Bazile

Senior Marketing Executive in London, United Kingdom

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▄ Event Marketing Professional / bilingual (Eng/Fr) with thorough experience in b2b events industry. Writing is an asset I can rely on.

∟My vision about an industry I love working in ?

Events got digital touch! online solutions are more than zeitgeist. They represent a powerful driver of change for event communications and marketing.

Events got green touch! environmental issues should be seen as part of event scheme development.

Events are more than social.

∟SocialRendezvous© -the blog I created- is a resource for events & digital mix

▄ Looking to break through existing boundaries, driven by my passion for copy writing and SEO, I founded and run blufreelance© an event marketing boutique for 4 years. As a consultant, I helped stakeholders deliver the right message on an international scale.

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