Laura Bohórquez García

Educator, content creator, and Entrepreneur in the U.S.

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I am from Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico, an immigrant, former first generation and undocumented student (high school through my masters degree prior to DACA) who is currently living on Nisenan peoples land. I currently work with and for undocumented students and am part of a mixed-immigration status family.

My community organizing, advocacy, entrepreneurship and work with students is centered in my unlearning of systemic structures like white supremacy and the remembering of my ancestors and my abundance. It is rooted in my family's sabiduria and funds of knowledge acquired through agricultural work in various aspects of the apple and cherry industry in rural central WA State.

I received my B.A. in American Cultural Studies with a concentration in Diversity in Higher Education at Western Washington University and my M.Ed. from Loyola University Chicago.

My national and local perspectives come from my entrepreneurship and consulting journey as an immigrant as well as my former role as Co-founder and Co-chair of the Undocumented Immigrant and Allies Knowledge Community within the National Association for Student Affairs in Higher Education, the Undocumented Student Program Coordinator at the University of Maryland, and the Dream Educational Empowerment Program at United We Dream.

I am guided by the power gifted and taught by students and marginalized community members.

My commitment to myself, my family, my ancestors, the generations after me and the undocumented and immigrant community is that I continue to unlearn these systems of oppression and practice restorative/transformative justice. That I challenge my ego everyday so that there is opportunity for growth and the building of a new earth. That I continue to break intergenerational trauma that comes and is built of off these systems and build spaces for courage, releasing, and the building of intergenerational joy and abundance.

I love food and exploring the outdoors and movement with my body. I am currently learning how to roller-skate and learning that walking is movement that grounds me. I am moving through vulnerability and accountability to myself and others, I am love, I am enough. I am human.

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