Laura Grom

A certified life coach, Laura Grom serves the Guilford, Connecticut, community as owner of You Can Fly Life Coaching. Drawing on extensive peer-mediation skills, Laura Grom focuses primarily on helping family, women, and teens. Assisting parents and their children, she provides empowering support in overcoming transition, bullying, divorce, academic stress, and gender identity issues. She additionally helps clients identify health and balance blockage points, working to further intentions and bring visions to light.

A mother of three, Ms. Grom is a trained foster and adoptive parent, and a trained court advocate on behalf of foster children. She participates in groups than help single mothers with life challenges, advocates on behalf of LGBT individuals, and provides motivational talks to teens on the issues they face everyday. She is also active in the community helping homeless people and volunteering with special-needs children at a local hospital.

Laura Grom obtained her B.A. in Education at Western Connecticut State University, completing graduate work in Special Education at Southern Connecticut State University. She taught in the Stratford, Connecticut public school system for more than a decade, helping develop classroom learning centers that incorporated pedagogical elements such as portfolios, full-inclusion tools, and self assessment.

In her current position, Laura Grom seeks to create confidential and co-participatory alliances with clients that stress positive expression. Ms. Grom's proactive strategies stress the here-and-now, building more harmonious family situations and more aware individuals. Committed to expanding self knowledge, Laura Grom enjoys reading inspirational and spiritual literature in her free time.