Laura Hewitt

Hej! I'm Laura, but you can call me Lorita, LauRRRa, Staness (my middle name), Lobster, Lily and sometimes even Lauren? I was born in Burbank, CA in 1987. Born in the log cabin I helped my momma build! No, but really, I lived in Los Angeles for 23 years and loved every minute of it! Now I am living in the company of my loving boyfriend, amongst bountiful blondes, Ikea enthusiasts, delicious meatball makers, across the world from all that I know in a place called Sweden.

I am an artist, a world traveller, an animal lover. I dig music, fashion, make up, the internet, people, new places, new experiences, food, sleep, movies and television. I can burp better than any girl you've met. I am extremely resourceful and can make anything out of nothing. I was in the "Cooler Than Me" music video by Mike Posner. I was an intern for the Kevin & Bean show on KROQ where I performed my own rap songs and went by the radio nickname "Rapey", which, for the record, was given to me. I get paid by Google for the amount of times people click on my YouTube channel. I have met Fabio, and yes his hair really is that beautiful. I once toured the Playboy Mansion and took their peacocks as donors for a blood transfusion. My previous co-workers at the animal hospital named me the bird whisperer, I just have a thing for them ... and they have a thing for me. Birds that is. I have a cat named Butters, and now a dog named Bessie.

To put it simply, my life is an adventure.