Laura Lacarra Arcos

Madrid - Spain

Java Senior: Working in Telefonica Spain at software development department. Organize agile teams and manage testing arquitecture.

Last working experience at Diaple Networking S.L: Involved in AsisT product a telecare system base on IP technology (client consulting, developing, installations & demos). My Master Thesis is the begging of this project.

PHP Developer: Mixed of PHP, JQUERY, AJAX and JS “nothing good can come on this” ;).

Wordpress consulting: Helping introduce your company on Internet. Set your domain, email, web site and management.

BetabeersZGZ organizer: Have you just launch a mobile app or web site project? Would you like to share it? We can help you on your first steps. Have a look on the event and EMAIL ME!

IOS level loser: Learning IOS7. Developing an app with an awesome team. See here details.

Ruby level loser: Wait for it. I will become a master ;)

Agile believer, Cachurilista "del copón".

Running & swimming.

  • Work
    • Telefonica
  • Education
    • Computers Engineering