Laura Pribish

For more than a decade, Art and Design Consultant Laura Pribish has impressed customers at Deck the Walls with her expert opinions on art. Working one-on-one with individuals and businesses, she provides valuable advice and guidance to shoppers who inquire about custom-framing options, artwork, and installation instructions. Upon entering the store, shoppers will discover more than 2,000 pieces of original artwork in stock and millions more through Deck the Walls' online gallery, which can be accessed at After making a selection, or bringing in artwork from home, shoppers can discuss their options with Ms. Pribish as she analyzes the best materials and color combination with which to frame the artwork.

At Deck the Walls in Kettering, Ohio, Laura Pribish assists customers interested in custom needlework framing. Laura Pribish has a detailed understanding of the delicate nature of needlepoint and, therefore, avoids adhesives and other hazardous framing materials. She is also well versed in undoing--if necessary--needlework framing in the areas of pining and lacing, which are methods of framing that are completely reversible. All of the materials she uses are pH-neutral and lignin-free. Additionally, she recommends that UV-filtering glass be applied to the frame to eliminate 97 percent of harmful light that can fade or damage the artwork over time.

At Deck the Walls, Laura Pribish also provide services relating to photo and document restoration. Ms. Pribish is fully trained in custom digital imaging, which allows customers to repair tears, stains, fading, discoloration, tape marks, and many other issues that could blemish their beloved images and paperwork. As an added bonus of the process, she ensures the original copy will not be harmed in any way because every item is scanned. The repairs are not applied to the piece itself. To learn more about the array of artistic services available at Deck the Walls, check out an informational video at