Laura Sheehan

Mother and Teacher in France

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The Whole Mummy is an open space and an access to resources to help make juggling all things mum just that little bit easier.

I'm a mother of two, an early childhood teacher and, like most mums, just trying to do the best I can for my little ones.

My journey as a mum so far has presented challenges, different and a little more difficult, none bigger or smaller than another's experiences, simply different than what you'd expect in your first few years of motherhood.

My husband and I were overjoyed with the arrival of our first son Brody aka the Hurricane, we met our first obstacle when our healthy baby boy contracted meningococcal B meningitis at three months old. It was an incredibly difficult time but we were blessed to have caught it early, the road to recovery was long and shaky, yet, thankful and grateful, our little Hurricane pulled through.

One year later we were once again soaring high after falling pregnant with our second son Beau. Heartbreakingly we were met with the crushing loss and grief of losing our beautiful baby boy. He was born sleeping. The time for our family after that was understandably one of overcoming, re connecting and bonding through our pain, rebuilding and moving forward together as a family.

Finally, for now, we have been given the immense joy of the arrival of our youngest, our little girl Daisy aka our Little Ray of Sunshine. Quite the roller coaster but one of pain, joy, strength, understanding and love. Despite the ups and downs this is one ride I don't for a minute regret getting on and one I could never imagine getting off.

Put aside the pivotal moments that have shaped me as a mum and there is still the completely normal, day to day mine field that as a woman you have to adapt to and navigate in the journey of becoming a mum.

This is a real space, based on openness and sharing from my experiences and tricks of the trade as a mum to make life just that little bit easier. It is about finding balance, while I'd like to say I've found it that's simply not true but balance is on a continual changing and growing cycle and we are continually changing and growing with it. So now, for the time being, i'm just trying to bring a little piece of each element of what I believe to be balance as a mum into my home and, like all of us, simply trying the best Mum I can be through the good and the bad.