Laura Termini

Public Speaker, Writer, and Actor in Miami, Florida

TV Personality, Actress, Producer & Mediapreneur, with over 30 years of experience across media: television, radio and print.
Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador.
Founder of multi-awarded bilingual site Natural Orgánica and Latina With all the experience gained and an acute sense of market trends, she's been developing branded projects that appeal to the Latino / Hispanic segment for over 9 years.
Board Certified Health/Beauty Counselor AADP, Laura was invited to the White House and The UN, for recognition of her contribution to wellness as one of the Top Latina Bloggers/Influencers in America.
Laura has appeared and has been regular contributor on Telemundo, CNN en español Despierta America, Hispaniczise, CNN Radio, The Huffington Post, Vogue en Español, Cnn Latino, People en Español, Salud Al Día, El Universal, El Nacional, Associated Press, The Miami Herald, Revista Mujer, Caracol Radio, Univision Radio, among many other media outlets.
She has served as a spokesperson for different brands hosting satellite media tours, events, and workshops. A strong believer in using social media for social good, she has collaborated with the World Food Programme, GreenAmerica, St. Jude Children's Hospital, Go Red and other causes.

2017 Tecla Award Nominee #Hispz17Walgreen's spokesperson. Published author #RealmenteUnica.

2016 Miami Life Award Nominee

2015 Tecla Award Winner at Hispz15

2014 LATISM Top Blogger

2014 Orgullo Hispano for Diario de las Américas

2014 Telemundo's 100 Powerful Influencers #YSEI

2014 “The Honey Board” Spokesperson.

2013/2012 Board Certified Health/Beauty Counselor AADP.

2013/2012 Certified by LATISM as a TopLatina Blogger.

2013/2012 Hispanicize Speaker.

2013 Green Life Miami Spokesperson

2012 Producer/Talent daily wellness segment, show Breakfast Contigo Azteca America

2012 Niche Mommy Spotlight

2011 Woman of the week Noti Mujer CNN Latino

2011 AOL and The Huffington Post Spotlight

2011 St Jude Influencer Corner

2009 "25 Myths 25 Realities "Aids Campaign Spokesperson