Lauren Harter

Student in Bloomington, Indiana

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I am driven by a passion to facilitate the success of others. I thrive less on personal gain and more on community development and harmony. I recognize how privileged I am to have access to the resources and opportunities that I do, and am constantly striving to utilize them in a way that is as beneficial to the world around me as it is to myself.

My innate passion for helping others has been further cultivated through my work abroad in Costa Rica, Peru, and the Dominican Republic, as well as my domestic work in Columbus, Ohio, Chicago, and Bloomington. The cultures, struggles, and joys of the hundreds of people I have been influenced and touched by drive me to maximize my potential to create an impact. Through, I discovered microfinance and have since pursued this outlet of business voraciously. I am a current member of the Trockman Microfinance Initiative and am pursuing a dual degree of Public Policy Analysis and Environmental Management. I believe that this combination of extracurricular involvement and study will give me the excellent skill sets required to pursue a career in business driven by a passion to better the lives of those around me and the world at large.

  • Education
    • Indiana University Bloomington