Lauren Irwin-Szostak

President in Fairfield, New Jersey

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Lauren Irwin-Szostak is the president and founder of Business Processes Redefined, LLC (BPR). With decades of experience in the collections industry and an entrepreneurial approach to business, Ms. Irwin-Szostak has developed BPR into an exceptional resource for companies who need to entrust their recovery operations to a team of experts and get back to focusing on what matters most.

Lauren Irwin-Szostak previously founded Strategic Advantage Associates Inc. and NCB Inc. She also served as an independent consultant to MRS Associates Inc.

Lauren Irwin-Szostak has paved an extensive career path, spanning a variety of professional services. No matter what challenge she takes on, her approach to business is built on pillars of mutual respect and positivity between her and her colleagues.

She often says that at BPR, “we’re all about each other” — from high-level company values like fair employment to day-to-day interactions between employees. This mindset has driven individual and collective success at each step of her career, and in turn delivered higher levels of success for her clients.

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