Lauren K. Pomeroy

I knew I wanted to be a writer, professionally, at the age of eleven. How did I decide that? Even I'm not technically sure. I watched a lot of films like Braveheart, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, and also listened religiously to their film scores. After that, I knew I wanted to create amazing stories just like those amazing films, and I just started writing and couldn't stop. I wanted to create stories that people would enjoy reading and pass along to their friends.

During that time I wrote 10 novels, my first trilogy called "Eatheon" which I may or may not publish - lets just say being written when I was eleven to thirteen years old, it needs work! Also the other stories I wrote all consisted between 150-250 pages single-spaced, and all of them were fantasy novels.

I found it difficult to write about modern day things; struggling relationships, divorce, romance, coming-of-age tales. Nothing like that interested me only because I was living the turmoils of a "normal" homelife everyday and I wanted to escape that, not fantasize about writing it. At least not yet anyway. One thing I found easy to write was fantasy fiction, and thought I do not consider myself an Master of the genre yet, it's definitely my forte.

I began writing my first published novel, "Alexander: Sacrifice. Instinct. Rebirth." during my four years in high school, and I was determined to make that novel the one to hit the shelves. It was my dream - and my dream became a reality in March of 2012. Almost three years after I graduated high school in 2009.

I knew I was born to be a writer, and I hope that one day when I am old and gray I will live towards my ending days surrounded by books, maybe in my own library, or crowded at my tiny desk, but regardless I will have lived my dream - not many people can say they've done that, and who knows, maybe they'll write a book about me.