Laurent Prieur

Consultant, Writer, and Father in Rouen, France

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Always hard to talk about yourself, even if, when we talk, we always and only do it, whatever the subject...

But -as it has to be done here- let's say that I try to live my life in the most simple way, as far as it is now possible in this more and more complex world.

In order to make it easy, I rely on simple and a few values : these are my 'essential bricks' in the huge lego game that life is.

In this lego game, I then allow myself to play with all kind of bricks I find, and am able to identify. Could say this is my path towards freedom, but surely this would require more time to think about it...

I now have some skills, in various domains. I met technical challenges, intellectual challenges too, but let's say that human challenges are the ones I feel the more concerned with. Those last ones give me the more joy when achieved.

People I live or work with say the way I see the world is unusual, and often allows them to change or complete their own vision : I think it's my way to help...

  • Education
    • École des Mines de Douai