Laurie Clayton

I am a native Californian and 100% Polish. Both of which I am very proud of! I currently reside in the great state of Illinois along with my hubby and grand daughter. I am a very outspoken person because I believe life is too short to not have a say in it.

I am blessed by Faith, Family and Friends and as my social network grows, Followers!

I always work hard at every thing I put my mind to and don't mind that a bit! I've worked as an accountant my entire career in various levels mostly because I like the fact that numbers don't lie and accounting is the organization of numbers that tells a story. I also like that if you make a mistake you can always fix it!

When I am not "working" I enjoy painting, creating beautiful things, repurposing, designing, blogging and antiquing.

I have three active blogs (also on Facebook) that I maintain and would love for you to check them all out and start following:

My artwork can be purchased by consignment directly, my Facebook Page Paint it Vintage, through my website, or directly on

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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