Lawrence "Law" Ortiguerra

San Diego, California, United States

Lawrence, or “Law” as known by many, was born at a very young age. Law always wanted to become a superhero, but found out that his super power was not flying when he jumped out of his tree house and broke his ankle trying. However, he did realize that his true super power was to help people.

A San Diego local, Law received his BA in Mathematics Secondary Education from the University of California, San Diego and his MA in Counseling from the University of San Diego. Currently, Law is an eighth grade math and science teacher at High Tech Middle Media Arts. Before HTMMA, he worked a floor above at High Tech High Media Arts as the Director of Career Development and Community Outreach. There, he coordinated the Academic Internship Program among other things. Law is also the head coach of the High Tech High girls varsity volleyball team.

Prior to HTHMA, Law was the coordinator of a youth development program, called "Friday Night Live", where he focused on promoting positive alternative activities away from alcohol, tobacco and drug use. He was also a coordinator for Friday Night Live Mentoring, where he trained and mentored high school students to become mentors for at-risk middle school students.

In his personal life, Law likes to dance (Latin Ballroom), play music and sing (in his church choir), and ride boards (Skimboard, Skateboard, Snowboard & Bodyboard). Law is also an avid traveler. In the spring of 2009, Law visited Japan with 16 of his students. In the Spring of 2012, Law travelled with his students to the birthplace of the Tango, Argentina. In the spring of 2015, Law will embark on his next student trip to the countries of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. He will also be a teaching fellow this summer (2014) in South Africa. Law has also been to the Philippines, China, Italy, Belize, Honduras, Uruguay & the Bahamas. Australia & Brazil are at the top of his list of places to write new stories about.

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