Law of Attraction

Many people love the Law of Attraction, and they stick to it- for a few weeks. But, something happens that sets them off the trail. It happens to everyone, and part of the Law involves managing mental obstacles and remaining emotionally engaged.How do the best people who follow the Law stay connected? They do this by remaining in desire. It sounds extremely easy, but once broken down, it becomes easy to get a little lost.The Balance Beam of Desire and WorryWhen someone desires something, they will do a whole lot to get it. Desire is wonderful, endearing, and essential to maintaining the principles of the Law. Unfortunately, desire is only a shade away from worry. Howard desires a girlfriend, and he is applying the Attraction in many ways to embrace this desire. Unfortunately, Howard has two bad days. He also just passed his 35th birthday into middle-age, and the worry comes on. The desire that he once held has turned over into concern, fear, scarcity, and blatant attachment.This makes sense, of course. He desires it enough to begin worrying about it. If he did not desire it enough, he probably would not worry. He must learn to keep desire at the forefront without slipping into areas of stress and worry. Any time these emotions bubble up, it is smart to pause and breathe. Take a moment of self-reflection. Even take a few days off where stress can settle and emotions can get organized. When money becomes a major problem, simply pause and know it is there. Consider the abundance of money in the world, and reflect on the desire for more money, and not the stress of lacking it.Managing the NewPeople are engaged by new ideas and new things. To stay above the line of worry and concern, one has to be enamored by what is new in their life. They apply the ideas of knowing, which essentially means that they know something new and wonderful will come along no matter what. They signal towards that success. To avoid the natural reoccurrence of worry, one has to adjust their signal to new ideas and fresh events. Visit a new city. Avoid detachment by finding new desirable things in new places and people.Learn more about the principles of the Law at Law of Attraction money. If money is a growing concern, visit to discover how money applies to the Law