Layla Foord

COO in Brisbane QLD, Australia

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I inspire groups of people to work together to define and solve problems and build great businesses. I've had the privilege of working with some of the smartest folks in the business and have learned how to scale businesses rapidly and sustainably. By creating an environment where people can thrive, businesses can achieve even bigger and better outcomes.

I help leaders and teams to get out of their own way and focus on the problems they're solving together and not on internal issues. I ensure that there is a clear vision, mission, and strategy, and that everyone understands how it drives growth. If there isn't a clear strategy or it's not aligned with the work that's actually happening, I use a variety of tools to define and develop a new strategic framework. Once that's in place, I review the operating model of the business, including how decisions get made, by whom, when, and how. I also review meetings and their cadence and purpose, how risks are escalated, who attends, and create transparency through the use of technology. I like to reignite the energy and passion of the leadership team and then help that ripple out to the rest of the business. It's a powerful moment when people realize the impact they can personally have on the motivation and sense of value in others. I enjoy coaching leaders through difficult transitions where there is often a perception of underperformance in their teams, through to seeing their teams nailing it. Even better, when customers notice the improvement in new product innovation, better solutions to their problems and real differentiation.

I'm also a strategic advisor to The United Project, a foundation committed to creating a mentally healthy workplace that improves culture, productivity, competitive advantage, and saves lives.

I'm keen to help other organizations reach their full potential through smarter operational practices that are easy to roll out and better care of people and their environments to help them succeed, freeing up the executive team to focus on strategy and growth.

You can learn more about my experiences on LinkedIn and contact me with Non-Executive Directorship opportunities or coaching and consulting advice.

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