Lea Brunn

politician in Berlin, Deutschland

Hey, I´m Lea.

I love writing and I love democracy. I am a big believer in people and I love discussing with them.

Trying new things is the best. Turning visions into a reality is even better.

I have soft spot for equality. And I am willing to stand up for it. My aim is to fill words like equal rights, justice, feminism and politics with positivity and actionism.

I studied "philosophy and politics" and wrote my master thesis about the proportion of women in political parties. I also co-founded a new political, grassroots-democratic party this year.

Idealism will always run my personal engine. But I also need to pay my bills. I have extensive experience in Public relation and event management. I am now looking for a project, that contributes to the greater good, where I can contribute my skills, mind, and passion to.




  • Education
    • Technical University of Dortmund