Leah Honeycutt

DIY, Graphic Design, and Digital Photography in United States

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Leah Honeycutt is an artist with passions for graphic design, digital photography and sewing. Blending the old with the new and the cutting edge with the classic, Honeycutt’s work is a unique take on mixed media art. Taking a Do-It-Yourself approach to her work, most of her designs are crafted from either digitally sourced or physically recycled materials. Finding her footing in the craft, Honeycutt considers herself to be in the learning stages of her artistry. But as far as she’s concerned, that stage will never end… and she’s eager to embark on the journey along the way!

Leah Honeycutt is passionate about initiatives that aim to end homelessness. In the future, she hopes to create an art project that will highlight the stories of homeless individuals she has met over the years. As of right now, Honeycutt is in the early stages of creating a charitable initiative of her own. The artist is particularly interested in raising funds for homelessness nonprofit organizations by selling her own handcrafted DIY arts & crafts.

Outside of her creative and professional pursuits, Leah Honeycutt actively supports charities that fight to find a cure for cancer.