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Lean Six Sigma is a phrase that incorporates lean manufacturing and six sigma process improvements into a single management strategy. In order to understand how your organization should hold these principles, you should definitely understand the components of Lean Six Sigma and business process reengineering, specifically in the content of an ERP implementation.

Excellent quality as well as efficiency incorporates a broad spectrum from the sphere of manufacturing. We will use the illustration of handmade products made one-at-a-time by an individual as the minimum useful and a lot error-prone type of manufacturing. In contrast, we will work with semi-conductor manufacturing, which consists of highly automated and digitized processes, extreme precision, and repeatability as the high end of the spectrum. All the manufacturing falls between the two, where your organization falls will determine the cost efficiency of acceptance of Lean Six Sigma protocols.

Because about 50% of the productivity results for any Lean project will come via organizational and page layout modifications, it’s best if you take a look just how people and materials currently move around within your manufacturing processes. Things to take into consideration include:

Physical Plant

· Does raw material enter through a line and move along a straight path to their ended state?

· How many times materials controlled from the time they enter through a manufacturing process.

· How many times materials manipulated by machines vs. people?

· For the manufacturing facility, does an enough amount of space is occupied?

Human Resources

· At present, are you using people for tasks where machines could be replaced?

· Is your employee training programs are formalized on-the-job?

· Do you employees have cross-functional skill sets capabilities?


Your organization’s present level of digitization is an effective indication of the results to be noticed by a Lean Six Sigma approach. If you organization’s functional groups making use of paper have an independent pc or are not communicating directly with each other then you are definitely missing out an opportunity to enhance productivity and organizational ability.

The core purpose of adopting a

Six Sigma Lean Consulting

for your organization is not about reducing to3.4 million per widget – it is about customer satisfaction. A well-designedmanufacturing process produces superior products at a very low cost thoughgenerating fewer issues and product returns. Just befo