Leanne Campa

Teacher in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Greetings, I’m Leanne. This photo was taken on a Spring Break vacation to Cuba with my family. We enjoyed the weather, but also learning about the culture and history of the island with a tour into the capital city of Habana.

I have been teaching for 22 years in a variety of schools in the West Vancouver School District. I have a B.A (English Literature), musical training on the piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) and a B.ED from U.B.C. To answer the question of "Why did I want to become an English teacher?", I would have to say that I grew to love literature with taking a major in English studies at U.B.C. Since becoming an elementary school teacher, I have enjoyed teaching a mostly Gr. 1-5, but also have two high school daughters and so I am interested in keeping touch with the teaching of English at the high school level. I'm also interested in expanding my knowledge of higher level English teaching as I want to be able to prepare students for the challenges ahead as well as be able to support a wide range of skill levels as an ELL specialist. My teaching philosophy has always been student driven, but has continued to change as I have purposefully planned for more partner and small groups in my classroom to allow student strengths to develop further and also to support inquiry into topics of personal interest. This has been spurred by changes in our district, school and my class composition.

Currently, I teach in an International Baccalaureate school, where inquiry is a whole-school initiative. Since teaching here (2003), I have participated in ongoing I.B. training to become better equipped with asking good questions and incorporating scaffolding activities to accommodate diverse learners.

By taking this “Intermediate English" course, I hope to expand my skills "upward" to learn how to provide rich literacy activities for students beyond the elementary level. With an ELL perspective in mind to plan instruction with reading, writing and speaking that will reach diverse student abilities and needs. No matter what level of English proficiency student come to me with, I want to be able to provide individualized instruction that helps each move forward from where they began.

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