Leanne Farkas

Biological Science Undergraduate Student and Equine Instructor in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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Originally from British Columbia, my time spent growing up outdoors immersed in the beautiful wilderness of the Canadian west coast sparked my keen interest in the Veterinary Sciences, Wildlife Conservation and Public Health. Graduating from St. Michaels University School with various arts and science Honors recognitions, I am now currently pursuing a Biological Science Honors Undergraduate degree at University of Guelph. My values lie in highlighting the importance of public communications to ultimately improve public awareness of the animal, ecosystem, and human health relationship, also known as the OneHealth approach to disease prevention, and seek to promote the action of global health initiatives. With future aspirations of pursuing a DVM degree and Masters in Public health, my lifelong goal is to improve the health and livelihoods of both animals and humans alike through the applications of disease treatment and prevention.

As a student I am actively involved in the equine and animal sciences, with previous experience as an equine competitor and youth instructor. I have a well established background in the visual and performing arts, a keen sense for creative writing and storytelling, and enjoy spending my spare time journaling and illustrating. Throughout my career I aspire to effectively incorporate aspects of the creative arts into health promotion, and aim to create engaged, healthy, and sustainable communities through effective scientific communication practices.

  • Education
    • University of Guelph, BscH