Leanne Isaacson

Consultant, Public Speaker, and Social Media Manager in Adelaide, Australia

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I'm the Connection Specialist - Australia's most connected woman on LinkedIn!

I help REAL PEOPLE make REAL CONNECTIONS in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME but more importantly in the RIGHT WAY.

What does that really mean?

I'm the most connected LinkedIn Woman in Australia & I am a proud Farmer & country woman with a passion for the role that Connections & Relationships play in growing ALL Businesses regardless how big or small & no matter what industry you are in or where you are.

My mind & personality is naturally that of a connector & relationship builder - when I stop & think about it, I have excelled in it all my life! I've always been the one to put the jigsaw puzzle of people & resources together & been the glue that's enabled them to stick. I simply see & make connections that others just don't!

Through LinkedIn, Live Streaming, Social Media, other online & offline places & in any other part of your life.

I've worked in education, online learning & online marketing for over 20 yrs, made amazing connections, built fantastic networks & seen immense changes in the way we do business during that time! But 1 thing I know that's been constant, has been the importance of building networks, creating & nurturing relationships & not being afraid to HELP PEOPLE & ask for help when the need arises.

My specialty has become LinkedIn as it's the most underestimated & underutilized network (Black Book!) you can have & through it I CAN HELP YOU make connections, find leads & navigate its intricacies!

I CONNECT, COACH & TRAIN Business Professionals to identify ideal connections, build their network & relationships using LinkedIn as well as other online & offline platforms.

Whatever industry your clients are in - they ARE on LinkedIn & I CAN CONNECT YOU with THEM and help you build relationships that will be memorable & productive for all parties.

Connect with me leanne.isaacson@inspiringgrowth360.com & Twitter @leanneisaacson