Leanne Morris


I have a job that I love. I work with a team of people who constantly impress me with their professionalism, dedication, and empathy for others - it sounds corny, but its true.

Early in my career I was a HR Manager (Personnel back in the day). Working in a combined retail and manufacturing environment, with a heavily unionised presence, I learnt my trade, fast.

I've worked on both "sides of the fence" since, and never fail to be amazed by the variety of people and situations I get to deal with.

I love sourcing and securing professionals for companies and I love helping people find the next great step for their careers. I can "soapbox" for hours about recruitment methodologies and the various disciplines within HR. I still find myself being shocked, disappointed, bemused and wowed by the professional stories I hear every day.

I've lived in Australia, Malaysia, North America, England and now Switzerland. I've been lucky enough to travel extensively across the globe as part of my work, and still love to travel in my "free" time. I am one of the nutters who likes airline food!

When I am distracted from having fun at work, I'm enjoying living in the Swiss Alps - cow bells, delicious cheese & chocolate, and some of the best motorcycling roads I've ridden in the world.


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