Leanne Peard

Mobiel Apps | LIfe & Business Coach | Social Media Specialist | Author | Speaker

My Mission is to expand Abundance, Success and Love every day, and inspire others to do the same ♥

I am experienced in many aspects of the Business World, from Clerk to Office Manager, Director of my own Companies. Self Employed from the age of 19, Aspects of her self-employment history include, Tourism and Hospitality, Administration, Tax Agent, Auditor, Retail, Mortgage Broker, Licensed Real Estate Agent and Now Mobile Apps Developer, Life/Business Coach, Social Media Specialist, Speaker and Author.

Facilitator of the Social Media Workshops which concentrate on training

the business owner and staff to take control of their own social media

needs has been extremely rewarding.

My commitment – coaching her clients to their ultimate

potential and beyond.

Just recently I have been able to co-write a book with

my friend Ruby Johnson, On a very Taboo topic that

we believe needs to have the awareness raised.

The Title of our book is Angels in Hell

re-empowered by Rape.