Leanne Spink


Growing from child to adult was tough. Growing from a selfish, angry, scared adult to a loving, caring, helpful and nurturing adult was even more tough.

There's a time in someones life when the yellow brick road ends and its time to make your own path. My path lost me over and over again, losing everything I cared about for something that never cared back. I gave up. I was lost. I was alone.

Who said I had to be there? Who told me my life was going to be sad? When was this plan written in stone for me? It wasn't! Screw you Leanne! Get off your 'I feel so sorry for myself' be-hind and just do what you have to do because no one else will do it for you! What's your excuse? You have none.

I had dreams and by God I was going to live them no matter what. I was 30 years old before I said 'I know I can!' and a few years later to absolutely believe it. I am a strong, independent single mother, studying Business Management and working hard to keep my cleaning services on the go.

I know I will graduate. I know I will write my small business plan. I know I will be accepted for grants and loans. I know I will be standing in the centre of my ideas. These ideas that will enrich core neighbourhoods, help the youth and the elderly, display local talent and ideas, bring flavor of native history through traditional cooking and no doubt child friendly. I know as a native american women, I walk tall. I know I will feel the absolute pride of success!