Leap Auto Loans

Founded in 2009 by a group of auto finance experts, LEAP Auto Loans has created a program to help people avoid vehicle repossession because of economic hardship. When a client comes to LEAP Auto Loans, about to lose his or her car, LEAP contacts the lien holder with a plan to help both the lien holder and the car owner. Under this plan, the professionals at LEAP Auto Loans purchase the vehicle from the lien holder, who then does not have to repossess the vehicle, and LEAP then signs a new lease agreement with the owner, who gets to pay at a manageable monthly rate, which, in most cases, allows the owner to keep the car.

This business model has proven very successful. LEAP Auto Loans has settled or paid off loans with a number of financial institutions, and the company is taking on an ever-growing number of clients. Those who face repossession and want to find out more about LEAP Auto Loans can visit the company website at www.leapautoloans.com or can phone 877-410-5327.

In addition to helping clients avoid bankruptcy and auto repossession, LEAP Auto Loans’ program can also help certain individuals improve their credit score. LEAP Auto Loans is backed by several financial institutions and has an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau of San Diego, California.