Lauren Godfrey

Sydney, Australia

About me? My name is Lauren. I am a yoga teacher. I also work in microfinance. I like lots of things. Samba, travelling, cycling, reading. I've recently learnt to knit.

My working life has taken me to Uganda, Brazil, India and Sri Lanka, creating volunteer projects that helped to build capacity for local NGOs and the communities they work with. I'm interested in social change and the organisations that drive it.

I'm a meditator - it keeps me sane and pleasant to be around.

I live in Sydney, Australia, but I originally hale from Wellington (that's in New Zealand). There are many places that I have called home, including London, Melbourne and Devon. I love to hear peoples' stories and to say hi to old people in the street.

My blog,, is about me and my journey. Feel free to read it, enjoy it, share it, tweet it, comment on it. I would love to hear from you. And if you're into it, you can follow me on twitter @leaphopjump