Leaps and Bounds

Preschool in La Puente, CA

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Leaps and Bounds is preschool where kids and toddlers can acquire social skills as well as learning-related skills. The programs of Leaps and Bounds school are especially important for children in guiding them toward healthier development and giving them the correct knowledge they need before school entry. Leaps and Bounds school’s programs are planned to encourage a confident self-image, solid self-esteem, and a rising sense of liberation among children. If you are looking for a preschool near me then Leaps and Bounds can prove to be the finest choice for you. We at Leap and Bounds offer children a creative curriculum which includes astonishing projects, dramatic play & music, time to play with their peers and learning in a comfortable, harmless and pleasing environment. We believe to aid children to learn through optimistic and age-appropriate educational and play practices.

In fact, our only aim is to determine the needs of every single child. Our caregivers reveal gentle teaching to teach the children in a moderate manner. If you want to provide an accurate education to your children then feel free to contact Leaps and Bounds preschool La Puente. We emphasise on primary learning morals, encourage the child to work at their own pace and feel relaxed. We build on the child's strengths and provide training in areas that do not come so easily. We teach children to be confident so that they can trust in their own abilities and think that school is "a good place to be".

Our school-age program delivers an entertaining program for the all-day program in the summer plus a variety of activities for after/before school fun. We deliver utmost care for toddlers, preschool and school-age children. The most distinctive feature of Leaps & Bounds preschool Fontana is the passion of the teachers. You will permanently find them with smiles on their faces and their affection for the children. Our goal at Leaps and Bounds preschool Escondido is to make every day of your child, full of gratification. We comprehend that the determinative years of early childhood are critical in forming attitudes and that’s why we teach them how to treat others in the best way. We intensely believe that attitudes affect results and we at Leaps and Bounds want a beautiful consequence for each child in our care. If you need more information about our preschool, feel free to contact us.

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