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In order to learn a language it is vital to know its bases and rules, as well as the formation of structures and words. This will help you to better understand Italian and give you the basis for learning to write in Italian and to speak Italian correctly.

You will receive grammar explanations during the live classes with your teacher, where you will be able to ask all the questions you need until you understand the grammar aspects you are studying.

Apart from the classes, your teacher will give you didactic materials to review what you have learned. These resources will be in different formats such as PDF or you can even suggest online grammar exercises on the recommended pages.

Expand your vocabulary and learn everyday expressions in Italian

To be able to communicate in a language it is essential to know enough vocabulary to build sentences and understand contexts. Therefore, we will help you to get enough vocabulary, or expand it, so that you can communicate in Italian.

How will you learn vocabulary?

Through various media such as reading in Italian, activities related to the same lexical field, listening to songs in Italian (which will also help you to improve your listening comprehension...).

On the other hand, if you are looking for a specific vocabulary in Italian, there is no problem. Let your teacher know that you need vocabulary in Italian for your work and he or she will prepare special and personalized teaching materials for you. So, you can learn Italian for:







Whatever you need! We'll put it at your fingertips.

Because, in addition to the attention and guidance of your teacher, who will help you acquire the vocabulary you need in Italian, you will be able to review the vocabulary you learn with the didactic materials that we include in the course at no cost.

learn italian online free and with online exercises to help you review Italian grammar