Erik van Mechelen

Growing up in 5 countries (mostly Indonesia, but also China, Gabon, Canada, and the US) gave me the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by great teachers at world-class educational institutions like Jakarta International School and International School of Beijing. And now - although I'm out of college and working full time - I have built learning something new and creative thinking into my daily routine.

I founded Edge Gaming LLCwhich initially will design and build a new type of gaming experience for smart phone and tablet users, an experience that is both entertaining AND mentally engaging. Expanding the role of games in classrooms around the world is my broader vision.

Living across the street from the beautiful Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN, also provides me the chance, if I've spared myself a break from the fun of creating games, to enjoy soccer, sand volleyball, or a stand-up paddleboarding session. I also enjoy playing the piano or a game of poker.