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Volts Solutions, creator of people-inspired items, presents Gold, Silver, and Space Grey Premium braided Lightning to USB charging cables designed to correspond with the colors of the iPhone 6/6plus/5s. Braided with metallic threads, this brand-new threaded design makes the charging cord more versatile and longer lasting, and adds a more sophisticated look and feel.

This brand-new lines of Premium charging cords speak to our love for enjoyable, vibrant devices and our duty to supply safe, accountable charging solutions. Discover supplementary resources on an affiliated article - Click here: Learn more about this at to USB Cable/. Volts Lightning cables are certified for safety and plug directly into any USB 2.0 port to charge and sync swiftly. Offered in 3.3ft and 6.6ft lengths and designed for use with a laptop computer, automobile or wall charger, these Premium cables are the ideal accessories for home, work or road use.

Made For iOS, these Premium cables work perfectly with any Apple devices without any error messages. Volts cables have distinct Premium aluminum surface, metallic braided nylon and original lightning connector.

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100 % Love it or Leave it Warranty!.