Sachin Mehta | Learn Drums in Mumbai


Sachin Mehta, born in Mumbai, got a taste of drums at a young age of 5. Drumming quickly became the most compelling force in Sachin's life. He ran home from the bus stop each day to practice for as many hours as possible before his parents returned from work. Formal instruction came in the form of lessons with Mr. Rajnikant Patil where he learnt the Trinity college London grades and while in High School, Sachin expanded his music knowledge by being actively involved in various school bands. He practiced under different drummers who inspired him and brought on a wide variety of drumming styles. Soon thereafter as soon as he stepped into college, he embarked on a learning journey under Mr. Gino Banks who is his metor and teacher till this date. Ever since Sachin got his first drumset, he has been excitedly passing on his drumming knowledge to anyone who will listen! His first "students" were his brother, his high school friends, and the son of an acquaintance of his mother. In 2004, this enthusiasm for spreading the love of drumming led him to begin a career as a teacher. Since then, Sachin has gone on to become one of Mumbai City's most in-demand drum instructors, sometimes teaching as many as 50 or more students per week. 2009 opened a new chapter in Sachin's life when he was appointed as the Head of the Drums Department at Guitar Hall. Sachin has performed professional concerts with many noted Bollywood artists including industry heavyweights like Asha Bhosle. Apart from being a full time drums teacher at Guitar Hall, Sachin is also the drummer for the Rock band 'Lust Of Symphony' which comprises of Guitar Hall teachers including Guitar Hall founder Kiran Roy. As always, Sachin has maintained his passion for music and drumming, and still strives to constantly become a better musician,performer and teacher.

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