Ed Learned

Minneapolis, MN

Ed got his start in the payment space earlier than he likes to admit. In the early 80's, at Melville Corporation, he played an active role in the one of the first retail deployments of VSAT technology to improve store POS operations. Following that he prepared for his current role at ISD as Group Product Manager for Payment Switching with Harmonic Systems and later Alliance Data Systems. In the 2000's, Ed left the payment space briefly to assume the role of Director of Advanced Technology at Xiotech, a SAN storage company. While there he focussed on data security, especially in the area of HIPPA compliance. Feeling the pull of the plastic, Ed returned to payments in 2005, as Solutions Architect with ISD Corporation. In 2009, He received accreditation as a Certified Payment-card Industry Security Manager and is ISD's technical representative with the PCI Council.

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