Mahbubur Rahman

New York

Over the years, one thing that has clearly stood out in my life is travel. I was born in Bangladesh, but then my dad decided to gallivant all over the world, and we, along with my mom ended up living in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia before I was 11. Eventually we settled back in Dhaka, and when I was 18, I left for the US. By then the travel bug had already infected me. I've made the NYC area my base ever since, but I've travelled to as many places I possibly could, and it has been one consistent thing in my life.

I've had my own website for as long as I've known the internet, and in the past I have tried to make it about a lot of different things. I've focused on photography mostly, but I was never able to keep it consistent - probably because even though I love taking photographs, I don't really consider myself a real 'photographer', and often feel like a fraud with expensive camera equipment.

So, after about 15 years of being online, by web presence is reincarnated, again - this time focusing on the one thing that I love AND has been consistent in my life - travel. A place for travel stories from my trips around the world is what my site is now. I hope you'll come along with me a on a ride around the world.