Goral Gandhi

IVF Training Center and Embryology Training Courses in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Goral Gandhi is a Clinical Embryologist with more than 20 years of expertise in the field of IVF and Assisted Reproductive procedures. She is in charge of the structure and foundation of many active assisted conception labs in India and one in Ghana. She is always dedicated to keeping up remarkable achievement rate at all these labs or research centers.

In her 22 year’s journey, she has taken care of thousands of IVF and ICSI cases and has helped more than 3500 couples total their families. Goral has a productive involvement in giving training in IVF and has been sorting out academic lectures and hands-on workshops on all parts of IVF including IUI, ICSI, Verification, Trouble Shooting, and Laboratory Management since the year 2000. She has trained more than 350 embryologists from 13 nations.

She has set up extremely fruitful Fertility Preservation modules at various labs, and her current research projects are centered around the choice of the most reasonable and ailment free embryo along with the unique conceivable implantation potential using PGD and PGS methods.

She has also edited a reading material (textbook) on Verifications. Moreover, she has co-authored more than 30 sections in different therapeutic course books and has a few publications in national and universal journals. If you want to know more about her work, visit Goral Gandhi Website: https://indonipponivf.com/mrs-goral-gandhi/

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