10 Tips To Help ESL Students Learn Nursing Vocabulary

Nursing Vocabulary, Students Learn, and 10 Tips To Help ESL Students Learn Nursing Vocabul in the United States

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10 Tips To Help ESL Students Learn Nursing Vocabulary

Are you studying for nursing exams such as NCLEX, and English is not your first language?

Frustrated with how hard it is to remember new vocabulary – especially Medical English?

Don’t worry – you are not alone! In ten years of teaching ESL in Asia I have helped hundreds of language learners improve their technical vocabulary. And it doesn’t get any more technical than Medical English!

Here are ten tips you can put into practice to make remembering vocabulary easier and improve your chances of passing.

1. Start From A Base Word

When learning a foreign language, many students learn words individually and translate them directly from their native tongue.

A more effective method (in my ten years of teaching ESL in Asia) is to start with a base word and branch out from there.

These “base words” are usually infinitives, and one example would be the verb “to assist”.

Once you can understand and use “assist”, move on to the words that use assist as a base. Some examples are “assistance” and “assistant”.

You can then group the words together into a family of words, rather than learn and remember them one by one!

2. Use The Power Of Mnemonics

Mnemonics are techniques which we can use to organize information to remember it easily.

A great example of use Mnemonics is the use of the acronym “RICE” (Rest-Ice-Compress-Elevate) for treating a sprain, or “SPACEDIGS” for dealing with depression. To find out what that means, you can visit this big list of medical mnemonics on Wikipedia.

It’s actually better to make up your own rhymes and sayings, and if you can make them as colorful or as funny as possible, they’ll be easier to remember.

A second, equally effective method for using mnemonics for remembering nursing words and vocabulary is the “Loci” method, more commonly called the “Memory Palace” technique.

I personally found this to be really effective when studying for difficult exams. I imagined the street that I grew up, and at every house I put inside something that I had to remember in order.

Next, I imagined myself walking down the street passing each house and saying the words inside.

It worked for me (I passed!) and scientific studies have proven this technique time and time again.

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