LearnPlay Foundation

LearnPlay Foundation was established as a not for profit company with charitable & social objectives in early 2007 in order to continue and further develop the previous five year’s work pioneered by our founding directors in supporting engagement into education, personal & soft skills development & augmentation and community cohesion through carefully customised programmes using games and games based technologies.

We have very strong, professional and highly experienced staff. Our senior management brings expertise and innovation from many disciplines coupled with commitment, passion and a drive to serve the community. Our carefully chosen facilitators share our enthusiasm and passion to make learning and skills development engaging, fresh and exciting and to ensure that all programmes facilitate positive pathways to further learning, accreditation, personal development & community cohesion. The entire team has valid Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks and are cleared to work with children and vulnerable young people and adults.

LearnPlay Foundation programmes support schools, communities and alternative education establishments with their engagement, learning and developmental needs. We have a strong track record and our programmes yield tangible results. Please take a look at our Results, Programmes & Case Studies sections to find out more about the range of programmes, objectives and impact.