Learn to work

London, United Kingdom.

A group of youth workers has teamed up (Dec 2013) to create LTW.....a Non Profit Organisation designed to help the most neglected people in society find work, with a long term goal for charity status. With zero funding at present we are grateful to free services such as About.me & Twitter for our initial online campaign.

We've just secured a church hall for 3 hours a week to engage young people..........we now need to raise funds & obtain an office space.


Our aim is to expand across the UK as we strongly believe that LTW's service & performance structure is concentrated & specific to current youth unemployment issues.

Having implemented local government policies re Youth unemployment, LTW was born as a result of epic deficiencies of current initiatives....a case of, seen it, done it....it’s not working!

We outreach to 18-25 year olds who are/in
Custody - police/prison
Unemployed &
Excluded from society
We teach, train & qualify them.
We employ them as volunteers.
We work with businesses re vacancies.

Our skills & experience include...
Youth service
Police service
Legal services
Marketing & Sales
Retail, Design & Technology
Education - Qualified accredited assessors