Learn To Surf

Learn to Surf offers surf lessons in Huntington Beach / SURF CITY USA by a certified surf instructor. Fun for all ages and open to all levels of ability. So if you're a pro surfer, a novice surfer or have never surfed at all, our surf lessons / surf school will help improve your surfing skills. Private surf lessons are available for small groups (1 or 2 people) as well as larger groups (10 people). This ancient Hawaiian greeting is what we at Learn To Surf truly hope to teach everyone who comes down for a lesson. Surfers like to have more fun than anyone on the planet and every lesson is just that, a fun filled experience where the art of surfing is taught upon a foundation of water safety. Thus we not only train surfers, but watermen (and waterwomen). A waterman is a surfer who knows how to safely navigate ocean tides, currents, hazards, and control their board in all situations. Safety is paramount when learning to surf and we take the utmost pride in being qualified watermen that will teach you how to respect and navigate ocean waters. All of our instructors are CPR certified and actual surfers (some surf schools just employ babysitters to push you into waves).